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    1981 C70 kick starter issue

    Recently, I’m finding when trying to use the kick starter it is either: stiff and doesn’t move / moves halfway with some resistance / moves without issue. At the moment I can’t recall if this happens when the bike is warmed up, but I know it’s like it when it’s cold. My question is this: what...
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    General purpose grease

    Can anyone recommend a good general purpose grease for lubricating all joints and cables for a C70? I think some of the brake actions are sticking near the wheels and the throttle twist catches sometimes.
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    Speedometer nut

    I have a Honda C70, and during the replacement of the neutral bulb in the speedometer (I disconnected the speedometer cable to better get at the underside) I ended up losing the speedometer nut down inside the steering column. Does anyone have any tips that will help me get the nut back up...