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  1. The 208

    The Trump boomerang strikes again

    LOL Member Avennatti? Member cnn, msnbc and the rest of the alphabet soup networks were gushing over this guy and talking about him running for president on the D ticket? He is actually in actual jail. Cnn knows how to pick em!
  2. The 208

    The laptop from he**

    Remember when it was "Russian disinformation" during the 2020 debates? LOL When is the NYT gonna have their twitter account suspended for spreading disinformation?
  3. The 208

    Conspiracy theories,

    especially the ones pushed by the whacko right- winggurrrrs, when do they stop being CT's and become true? Like this one. Just one of many... Just before the 2020 election, Twitter suspended the account of the NY Post, President Trump and Kayleigh McKenanny to keep the laptop from hell story...
  4. The 208

    War with Russia

    I don't pretend to know what the heck is really going on and why. Whatwith the dishonest "news" we have here and the lying coming from Ukraine and Russia it's really hard to know who does. With that said, I think Russia is broke and Putin is backed into a corner. And he needs to be stopped...
  5. The 208

    How is the fuel price where you live?

    How much higher is gonna get? A Chevron near me was 3.53 on Wed am. That afternoon it was 3.79. This morning it's 3.93. I predict it will hit $5 this summer in ID. FJB!
  6. The 208

    What happened to the Wu-flu???

    It seems to have dissapeared rather quickly. 'Member when cnn, at the top o the hour, every hour, would talk it about non-stop? Now, they don't even mention it. Haven't heard a peep about it on cnn for at least 2 weeks. And where has Lord Fauci been? he's been strangely absent. Could it be...
  7. The 208

    69 CT 70 carb leakage

    So, one or both of these are leaking gas. Are there any secrets or tricks to make them not leak? Aside from replacing the bowl?
  8. The 208

    1969 CT70 spark/timing

    So, I've got a 1969 CT 70 and a 1974 CT 90. They've been sitting in a shed " for decades" the guy said. LOL On the 90 the tank was dry and really clean. So, I cleaned the carb, fresh fuel and a new battery and air filter, runs great. Changed the oil too. So, the 70, the last reg on the plate is...
  9. The 208

    Can't wait for Hillary and/or Obummer to be cuffed and stuffed.

    The Durham investigation into the Russia hoax is picking up steam. From court docs (not faux news, limbaugh, hannity etc) a whole bunch of illegal stuff points right to the Klintons and it appears that Obummer was completely aware of what was going on. I can't even imagine the celebrations that...
  10. The 208

    Andrew Cuomo charged..

    with twice as many crimes as Donald Trump. Weird. I wonder if 30 LEO's will roll up to his house at 5 in the morning with cnn cameras rolling? Somehow I doubt it. Hopefully there will be more to come...
  11. The 208

    Weather report

    %100 chance of snowflakes. Can any of you, without the name calling and attacks, defend this? This guy is seriously F'ed up! And some of you love him. I don't get it. At all. "All evil needs in order to prosper is for good people to do nothing."...
  12. The 208

    Alec Baldwin...oopsie!

    He's got a ways to go to catch up to the peaceful protesters in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Seattle, Chicago, Portland, etc.
  13. The 208

    Biden approval rating per Quinnipiac %37

    Boy oh boy. Not good for the Bidenistas. I don't see or hear much on the t.v or radio "news" about this. I do, however, remember Wolf Blitzer practically having an orgasm when Bush 2 approval rating dipped below 40. And quadruple the orgasms when Trumps dipped below 40. Who think's that's...
  14. The 208

    Raiders Jon Gruden.....CANCELED!

    Over some stupid emails that were thought to be private. Oh, boy. Meanwhile the NFL has for the 2021 superbowl halftime show Snoop Dog, Mary J Blige, Dr Dre, and Emeinem. I bet none of those artists have used such language. Ever. LOL Futhermore, the Texans QB Deshaun Watson has 24, yes 24 women...
  15. The 208

    Have you gotten the Wu-flu jab yet?

    Are you team Pfizer, Moderna or J&J? I'm neither. 14 days to "flatten the curve." LOL At this time there have been more "covid deaths"under Xiden than during the Trump administration. And that's after the "vaccine" ( it isn't really a vaccine) has been out and readily available. Remember how...
  16. The 208

    New member with a 1969 ct 70

    Hi all. Noob here but not new to bikes/atv's. I'm a retired sheet metal guy and I do some part time work at home on bikes and quads, etc. I'm not new to wrenching on bikes. I've been riding and maintaining/ repairing my own for 14 years now. I started doing work in my garage about 5 years before...