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    CT70 K2 Front Fork Lowers

    My K2 and K3 original bikes are both brushed aluminum.
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    Putting my CT70 together

    No oil in the front hub, just grease by the speedo drive gear. Never have figured out what the Phillips screw on outside of brake panel is for or long forgotten but I've never see any oil in the dozens I've taken apart and cleaned.
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    Preserving VIN tag

    Dratv carries them too but dang $8 shipping for 2 screws!
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    SL70 engine issue

    Just to clarify I obviously need the black jumper wire at the battery plug in to run.
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    SL70 engine issue

    All 3 of my SL70's run great without a battery.
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    SL70 engine issue

    You running it with an air filter? Had a z50 motor that wouldn't run on the bench without covering have the carb entry.
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    Am I screwed here?

    I don't think I'd be sourcing a left case just yet. Slim chance you'd find one with close numbers. Think at worst the chain guard might have a little rattle. That looks like a hard repair, probably could get it welded and drill/rethread hole. I have a bike with same issue but doesn't make any...
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    Help Needed with cam gear.

    It's on bottom of engine about where gear shift shaft is. Remove bolt, loosen slotted tensioner, spring will prolly come with it. Should help with the cam gear install. Replace tensioner spring and tightener till feel good tensioner. Might look at a parts diagram to see how it really works.
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    Help Needed with cam gear.

    Did you loosen the cam chain tensioner spring? Sometimes I take a small needle nose pliers and one point in the center hole and other in rearmost hole and give a little squeeze, should just jump on then.
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    Lil Hondas at Barrett-Jackson Mar 2021!

    Mecum auction prices are same way. My guess is a bunch of super rich drunk guys that never had one as a kid or some kind of tax/charity write-off. I see some craig's listings that quote these insane prices when their selling their junk. Guess I probably would too, lol.
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    2021 CT125A (Trail 125) Thoughts

    I like the black wheels myself. Heel/toe shifter took me awhile to get used too on my Dax.
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    8mm mirror mounts

    Well if you just want 8mm mirror clamps for 7/8 bars which ct70's have, I see tons of them on eBay as well as complete setups.
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    1969 z50 k1

    Dratv and Partzilla both show to have the right side shift fork in stock
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    Chain adjuster not flush with swingarm

    I agree with CJ, someone prolly didn't loosen the axle bolt when adjusting. Left side has obvious horseshoe bend at the back versus 90 degree bend on right side. I'd prolly tighten the axle bolt without adjustor on and do a little hammer love tapping on that bracket.
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    CT70 Clutch Not Disengaging

    Packing material I'm talking about is located at exhaust front mounting bracket located next to air cleaner. It's where the pipe usually rusts thru cause that packing seems to hold moisture.
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    CT70 Clutch Not Disengaging

    WOW!! That bike looks amazing and it's my favorite color. On a side note I never replace the exhaust bracket packing as I'm afraid it'll start to rust my new pipe. Never really had an issue with rattling without. Love that color!
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    79 honda

    I don't think it's wrong at all, seems like your following your plan to enjoy both bikes. Just keep the original parts incase you decide return to original. There your bikes, do what's necessary to enjoy and preserve the family history.
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    Is the skid plate structural?

    I like the looks of the guards myself. Always been curious why the early K0's had guards but early Dax bikes never came with them?
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    Saving one from the dump!

    If you go to Dratv website click performance parts section then what fits what section it shows various ring orientation. The dot on cam sprocket lines up with notch in head next to cam sprocket. Piston needs to be top dead center when installing cam chain. Sometimes have to turn cam a little to...
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    Is the skid plate structural?

    What year CT70 do you have? They stopped putting the skid plate on in 1978. Apparently Honda figured it didn't need one so I would say it's purpose was always just a rock/mud deflector to keep from damaging bottom engine cases.