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    1973 Honda st 90 budget resto

    Powder is basically one-and-done. There's very little in the way of body work possible and no touch-ups...a sky-high chance of damage being immortalized. Stripping powdercoat is a brutal process and no shop is willing to freely share the details for that reason. With some parts it's no big deal...
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    Parts back from the Chrome Shop!!

    The brake plates were originally polished & clearcoated.
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    1973 Honda st 90 budget resto

    Powder coat and sheetmetal isn't a great combo. Since this is a solid color, you'd be better off painting it; the results will be better and cost less. Colorite should have "Mighty Green" in rattle cans.
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    Flywheel & Stator 4 speed

    It's worth mentioning that the flywheel backspacing may be make/break. The magnets must align with the coils and without coil-to-flywheel contact, anywhere.
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    fuel issue?

    When it comes to actual fuel flow rates of these motors, hardly anyone has a workable & realistic mental picture. Hint: it's way less than seems possible. We generally agree that a free-flowing fuel system will allow a CT70 tank to drain completely in under 5 minutes. That's workable but...
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    fuel issue?

    These are simple as fuel systems get, really basic setups. Yet, they have a hair-trigger element, i.e. one minor imbalance can cause what seems to be a huge problem. There's not much head pressure to sustain fuel flow and that's the biggest, single, issue. From my experience, locating an...
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    Flywheel & Stator 4 speed

    I suspect this is a CL70 stator. That's a good news/bad news situation. The bad news is that you are "stuck" with the CL70 wiring & remote condenser, along with battery to make the ignition work.. The good news is that it's a 6V/full wave...everything runs off of battery power and having two...
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    Oil leak help

    Probably a leaky crankshaft seal, easy to replace once the stator plate is on the bench. I wouldn't expect an engine to fire with 75psi compression...that's like 50% of the expected value. That said, compression gauges often read lower than actual, with small displacement. May as well give it a...
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    CT70 piranha 140cc motor wiring harness

    Welcome aboard. Best to source the wiring schematic from same vendor that supplied the engine. If know wiring basics, you can go from there. Assuming that ignition & kill functions are already sorted, you'll need a 12v reg/rec unit. Assuming a typical half-wave alternator, one lead will go the...
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    72HK1 For CJ

    That speaks to the quality of engineering in this design. The lack of symptoms isn't that surprising, because the operational load forces are very well distributed, with heaviest shock loads & most of weight supported by the upper shock mounts. The surrounding areas are incredibly strong. At...
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    72HK1 For CJ

    They won't ship to the US. BTW, I'd want to verify the seat latching setup, not sure if the AB26 era Dax frames were exactly the same as `91-`94 CT70, or not.
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    Right Side Control ST90

    This might be the same switch, aside from the color.
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    72HK1 For CJ

    I'd replace the frame, if this were mine. You could simply use a non-"numbers matching" frame to hang all of the same parts and you'd have a structurally sound version of the same bike. Only real difference is the SN. I don't recommend transplanting VINs, that's just asking for trouble. OTOH, it...
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    ST90 Fork Oil - The Manual says automatic transmission fluid ??

    Automatic transmission fluid is okay. Problem is, it's ~SAE 7W viscosity. Dunno how that plays out with the bigger ST90 fork assembly. With a CT70, it's too thin...resulting in weak fork action. Your bike's smaller cousin works best with 15W fork oil. Just know that it's a balancing...
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    12v Stator capabilities?

    I'm no electrical engineer, unless "shadetree engineer" qualifies. Only method available to me is to connect an electrical load and measure operational voltage...just as you've done. It's good enough, really. As long as the system will maintain ~12.7v while riding, the battery will never...
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    Way More Fun

    Nope, they don't have to be stock and many here are modified. Restomods and full-on customs are not only more than welcome here, they're taken seriously as museum quality restorations...when done well. Any well-executed project bike is a substantial commitment, not that different from your...
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    2 Batteries

    They should do as you expect. Keep in mind that, if discharged, the charging time will be doubled as well.
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    125cc Super Cold Blooded

    That cold-blooded character means one's running lean when cold. That's functionally, operationally, lean. The same amount of air & fuel that's optimal when the engine & induction assemblies are fully up-to-temp can, and usually are, terminally lean when cold. Less liquid fuel is...
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    Rich/Lean Adjustments Question

    Go by how it runs. There's rarely more than two acceptable jet needle height settings, with one delivering clearly better results. Unleaded fuel changed the plug reading game, post-2006 era gasoline all but killed it. That "ideal chocolate color" isn't going to happen, no matter what you adjust...