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    Happy Groundhog day 2020

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    Happy Thanksgiving

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    Happy Columbus day

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    Pilot for Red Green reboot? Or, how not to repair these CT70 parts

    For those new to the restoration side of these bikes, beware. These repairs are NOT sound practice. Some of his other vlogs are a lot better than this one, so no universal thumbs-down or anything like that. Seems like an okay guy, probably knows his his stuff...when it comes to everyday steel...
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    EXPIRED Oil dipstick thermometers

    Since there seems to be a shortage of these, I'm offering to help anyone who wants one with a group cost. Price would be $40, including postage to anywhere in the lower 48 states. Your choice of CT70 (short) or Nice/Lifan110, etc, (long). Contact me via PM no later than 05/24/2016.
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    You can't polish a turd...but someone didn't get the memo

    How many times have run across some P.O.S. that's be "restored" for feebay? For the veterans, here's an opportunity to vent and warn others. For the novices, perhaps a quick tutorial of what not to buy when searching through used parts. Hopefully, everyone gets a few chuckles as the thread...
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    Hell Freezes

    And just think...spring is a mere 4 months away. Time to finally complete all those long-delayed projects?:19:
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    Titling and registration, by state

    Per popular request, I've added to the resources & FAQ section. As long as people are restoring and building these bikes and wish to take them on the road, legally, the topic will keep popping up. Hopefully, this will save a lot of repetition. Please title your posts by state, to make it...
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    Right about now, those of us residing in locales that have 4 seasons are varying degrees of "can't wait to dust off the bikes & shake-off cabin fever". Here is a short vid to kick things off for 2009. For the time being, I'm making this thread a sticky. Where to take all things video from...
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    Carburetion principles illustrated

    Interesting video, thanks to the clear intake. Note the airflow patterns, liquid fuel condensate and reversion. This illustrates, in realtime, what goes on inside the intake tract, especially with a slightly tired engine and possibly an oversized carburetor. YouTube - Honda SS50 Transparent...
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    1969 Ct70

    Here's Dennis' all-original, low-mileage, early production `69 K0. Lotsa subtle early-model details for the observant to note. <img src=> <img src=> <img src=> <img...
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    Great lakes area rides-2008

    Seems that there are a number of us in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana & Illinois and judging by the amount of incipient buzz surrounding Put-In Bay, OH, we may have reached the critical mass needed to begin planning other rides. Pretty much anything within 200-300 miles is easily reachable in a day's...
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    I don't know what happened but, all of a sudden there's been an upsurge in garbage threads being started. Rest assured, these will all be deleted along with all traces that they ever existed. If you see one that's somehow slipped under the radar, please let the forum staff know and it will be...
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    The other thread was getting kinda long. So here, by popular demand, is the bike Ponyexpress referred to and a link to the details of the build. <img src=> <B> <img...