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  1. Gary

    Honda Suspends orders for 10 models

    Thought this interesting-
  2. Gary

    Europe to get 5 speed Monkey

    Interesting- wonder if we will get the same?
  3. Gary

    Racer X ??

    Where's Bob been lately? Everything ok?
  4. Gary

    Dax 125?

    Anyone seen this or know anything else about them? Dated September I just came across it.
  5. Gary

    Am I wrong or just confused.......

    Saw this on ebay- 7K ! You'd think for that crazy money it would be correct
  6. Gary

    Got my new CHP seat- now what?

    Went to put it on and ran into problems. For what it's worth I have a early black tag that has some silver tag features - bolt on tool carrier in seat, wire lead for taillight through the frame with grommet. Problem is that the seat does not tilt far enough forward to support itself or does it...
  7. Gary

    Thinking about a new seat

    With the talk about seats on a couple of threads I have been thinking about getting a new one and putting mine away for safe keeping. I did paint it and put on new foam,bumpers and a cover in the past but with the prices I have seen lately for parts, it's probably worth more than I paid for the...
  8. Gary

    2021 Trail 125 headed to US

    Interesting but no dual range trans-
  9. Gary

    CT125 release

    Anyone seen this? Not cheap nor light but interesting. No word about it coming here nor if it has the dual range trans
  10. Gary

    What did you do to your Z50 today?

    Sadly no pictures of Christmas Eve '69 but 50 years ago tonight I got what started a life long affliction.... After all the family's presents were opened my mom asked did you open everything? I think your missing something. She handed me a manila envelope with the keys and manual inside. Dad...
  11. Gary

    1971 Z50 bill of sale

    Just happened to be looking on Craigslist and found a really nice '71 that looks like it's never been restored. What caught my eye was the included paperwork. Turns out it was bought from the same dealer mine was bought from which is 16 miles from my house. Purchased by someone in Chicago it now...
  12. Gary

    Honda production video

    Just found this on youtube- pretty interesting around 16 minutes in. It shows what look to be either 160 or 305 engines going down a line and workers fitting the frame to them. I would have thought the frame was moving and the engines fitted to them.Wonder if this sheds any light on that most...
  13. Gary

    Old School tube repair

    Just got a original threaded valve stem tube for my 50 from Kirby that needed a patch. Knew it going in so I thought hey I'll just get some hot patches. To my surprise and disbelief I found the EPA does not allow the sale of them anymore,must be a major source of pollution. So I went digging in...
  14. Gary

    There here.....

    Not Poltergeist but look what Honda announced yesterday-
  15. Gary

    New 70 book ?

    Found this on the publishers web site,looks to have included all 70cc bikes
  16. Gary

    68/69 z50 carb ID

    I had a article from somewhere that told the differences between the 2 carbs with the different flange markings. Naturally I cannot find it even trying a search here. Anyone know the differences? Even the new 50 book does not have the flange numbers! Thanks
  17. Gary

    New Honda mini trail book

    Thought I'd post this have not seen mention of it - I have mine pre ordered,anyone know anything about...
  18. Gary

    What do you guy's think?

    Found this in a magazine today,looks interesting. I blanked out the captions because I wanted to see your opinions without bias. Sorry for the poor scan since it has the fold
  19. Gary

    New 125 Monkey

    Don't know if anyone saw this or not but it looks interesting-
  20. Gary

    What's the deal with these tires?

    Even though they are for a 50 I thought I'd post here due to more traffic. There are several vendors selling them,here is just 2- 2 Motard Street Tires w Tubes 3 50x8 Honda Z50 Mini Trail Monkey V TR65 2TIRES | eBay 2 Motard Street Tires w Tubes 3 50x8 Honda Z50 Minitrail Monkey I TR65 2TIRES |...