1. motogogo

    SOLD 1969 Honda Z50A!

    I've got a killer 1969 Honda Z50A Mini Trail for sale on Bring a Trailer! She has a yellow and gray finish and is in great condition. Check it out here! *Bill of sale only
  2. Chrisj796

    Z50 parts

    K1 Z50A Looking for a decent shape Chain guard Muffler stinger Top nut/race for steering stem Tail light Headlight Hoping some members that restored bikes have some salvageable parts they saved an want to sell.
  3. M

    Need help identifying engine

    Just bought a really nice Z 50 that was bored out to 88 cc and have a feeling that this is not the original motor I can’t find the serial number on other forms any help would be appreciated DD01E5500199
  4. Chrisj796

    I’m Back!!!

    Well I got the trail 70s both reliable an running great so I figured it was time to get the daughter a z50. Been looking for another junk box deal like my last trail 70. Found one today for the right price. The guy had stripped apart to repaint an repair engine and the restore was downhill from...
  5. J

    2 women cross Morocco on classic (looking) Monkeys

    This showed up in my Google feed today. The videos are pretty short, but I think what these two ladies did was frickin' awesome. Monkey Bike Mafia https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC26bCcwIvFsdk4g_Af1qIHA/featured
  6. woods

    Honda Mini Trail Z50 1969 - How Much is it Worth?

    Inherited a honda mini trail z50 along with many other dusty things from my father who passed away last year and was a motorcycle nut. I almost left this little guy behind but had a double take and changed my mind. Just realizing they can be quite valuable. Any idea how much this thing could be...
  7. mtspeeddemon

    Z50 Sprocket Availability

    In need of a new rear sprocket and chain for a '74 Z50. Are they available anywhere? I haven't counted teeth yet but it seems like it's about a 38 tooth. https://photos.app.goo.gl/b2fNEjkPWqMJsdJz6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/SCFDMq9b2U5zVQLQ8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/KCc2a3Hm1NkJJ4JS7
  8. A

    My video Love letter to the C70 passport.

    I realize this is the spot for the C"T"70. As much as I love and have owned one, my all time favorite single cylinder motorcycle is the C70 passport. The on-road brother to the trail 70 these bikes share the same drive train. I live in a city and the passport just chews up the alleys around town...
  9. HondoMan

    Z50 Head on CT70?

    I have a CT70 motor with damage on the cylinder head. I also have a Z50 clone head cylinder left over from another project. Can any tell me if the z50 head can replace my damaged ct70 head?
  10. C

    K1 z50 seat bolt distance

    Can anyone tell me the distance between the two seat bolts on a k1 z50. Thanks
  11. S

    1979 Z50 - can not remove main jet from carb, having trouble tuning after rebuild

    Hey Guys, New to the site, and have really enjoyed the 2 weeks of reading all the useful info. Today I decided to post a question I cant seem to find an answer to. just bought a 1979 Z50, and was told it needs a carb cleaning. so I soak it and run wire through every port (the smaller jet...
  12. Merton

    Look at what was left at my house!

    I came home last night and found this in front of my shop. It was late so I checked it over and looks like it is all there, engine turns free, tires are shot, rear wheel bearings are froze up, tank may have to be replaced, and the throtte cable is free. I think I know who left it so i will call...
  13. blacufo

    EXPIRED 1969 z50 engine Z50AE- 203067 Anyone one looking for a motor match ping me

    1969 z50 engine sold
  14. K

    EXPIRED have z50 k0/k1 tank, will trade for other 50 and 70 parts

    i have an original 1st gen z50 gas tank in good condition with the round emblems on both sides. it came on my k4 and somebody tried to pass off the z50 to my grandpa as the 1st gen. i don't need this tank and would rather have the right tank and graphics for the year. parts i need: 1973...
  15. M

    Gas Cap Needed

    Hello. Can anyone direct me to a site to purchase a Gas Cap for a metal tank, Z50AE s/n 275402 ? Thanks in advance.
  16. H

    Carb Issue?

    I have a 1984 z50r, im new to this site and im wondering if i get some help. My bike wont start on full choke, if you start it on half choke it runs perfect. once you get it warmed up and take off the choke it sputters during take off so you have to run it with just a little but of choke, but to...
  17. haido

    EXPIRED FS: Lifan 3 Valve 110cc engine

    Hey there guys. I was originally going to install this engine into my ct70k0 but ended up selling her so my loss is your gain. Engine is brand new in box. Took her out to test fit and crank over but thats about it. 4SPD 1D 3U shift pattern. Comes with side cover, intake tube, shift lever...
  18. 1

    Newbie to Z50, having problems

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 1982 Z50 that ran perfectly. I took it apart to replace some parts, clean, paint, etc., and now it won't run. I didn't touch the engine, I only removed fenders, the tank, seat, muffler, and cleaned the plug and air filter. I put everything back together and it...
  19. L

    z50 idle/power problem

    I bought a z50 today just for kicks. I think it is a '76. The guy who sold it to me told me he replaced the piston and the rings. He may have mentioned something about the points as well. I cleaned the carb out when i got it home, it runs, but it still has a few problems. -It hardly...
  20. D

    EXPIRED '77 Z50A for sale or parts

    Hello, I have a 1977 Z50A that I would like to sell or part out. As a whole, the bike needs a new carb (this carb is spent) and it will run great. As for parts, it has everything minus the carb, battery, and lights. I am looking to go either route, so contact me at dlsass@hotmail.com or reply...