1. motogogo

    SOLD 1969 Honda Z50A!

    I've got a killer 1969 Honda Z50A Mini Trail for sale on Bring a Trailer! She has a yellow and gray finish and is in great condition. Check it out here! *Bill of sale only
  2. Clayton

    FOR SALE CT70 Clutch Holder Tool

    Hey everyone I made a clutch holder tool for a CT70 because I couldn’t find one online that was worth a dang. Anyways I’m not trying to make any money off them I’m just trying to help others in the hobby out and it was cheaper on me to make 10 then just 1. So right now I have 9 of them for...
  3. ratrodbikes

    1970 Z50A K2 Estate Sale Find

    New to the forum. Just picked up this original 1970 Z50A K2 at a local estate sale. They said that the last time the bike had been run was about two years ago. Smelling the fuel was a good indicator that they were telling the truth. :21: Anyway, I've never dealt with this model before and I'm...
  4. S

    EXPIRED 1968 Honda Z50AK0 Project Bike For Sale

    Hello Guys, I have a 1968 Z50AK0 project bike for sale. I bought this one along with three other Z50AK1's as a package thinking I would get around to restroing a few of them, but have come to realize that I don't have the time for any additional projects, so I thought I would offer them for...
  5. Merton

    Look at what was left at my house!

    I came home last night and found this in front of my shop. It was late so I checked it over and looks like it is all there, engine turns free, tires are shot, rear wheel bearings are froze up, tank may have to be replaced, and the throtte cable is free. I think I know who left it so i will call...
  6. D

    EXPIRED '77 Z50A for sale or parts

    Hello, I have a 1977 Z50A that I would like to sell or part out. As a whole, the bike needs a new carb (this carb is spent) and it will run great. As for parts, it has everything minus the carb, battery, and lights. I am looking to go either route, so contact me at dlsass@hotmail.com or reply...