1969 CT-90 carb replacement


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Hi everyone. I'm new to your forum. My 69 CT-90 needs a different carb. Since there are so many available, it's hard to know what really works. I Live in western Colorado at 5,000 ft elevation, so a replacement with the high altitude option is preferred. Also, I will need to re-jet it for altitude. So, a carb with the altitude button and different jetting options is what I need. Anyone had experience with the Chinese knock-offs? I have one Chinese carb that I couldn't find smaller jets for. I also have a K29B and a K28 Keihin carbs, neither which I have been able to make work.
I'm hoping to get a fresh start with a different Carb.
Any recommendations?


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Dr ATV sometimes has a copy of your carb with the altitude knob --- - - - last time I checked, $365.00. Do your REALLY want it that bad?

That's the link to the site but you purchase it on EBay through their vendor store.

Think about re-jetting a Chinese PZ-19 carb with a leaner main jet with the choke lever on the rider's left side.