1969 Honda ST50 Exhaust Mod


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Hello all. Curious if anyone has ever modded the exhaust from a 1969 honda dax ST50? These are the exhausts that go under/through the right side peg and back by the rear axle. I happen to have a 1969 German Dax and since I have updated the cylinder to 88cc and the carb as well, that little pea shooter exhaust is not going to work for me. I currently have one of my "copy" supertrapp on it using 1"00 transitioning to 1.125 (original is 1.25 all the way) which works great. But i'm seeking to mod the original style one. Dont worry, this is a copy of the original style. Unfortunately I do not have the original exhaust.

I would also imagine this is much like modifying the later z50 exhausts in terms of size/work so if you have done those, please weigh in. I can obviously cut it open and make changes, but I would prefer to take some input first if available. Thanks.


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When you say later Z50 exhausts, do you mean this style?
I want to open this one up for a look...maybe mod it for my softail project.



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Yes, similar, but those models have a recessed area for numberplates on the '80-'87 models and a different recess for the '88-'99 models with the one piece rear fender/number plates.


The ST50's were based on the CT70 frame there were 2 versions. 1 with low a pipe and and low fenders, and the other with the CT high pipe and high fenders.
the CT70 pipe fits the ST with the low pipe but the kicker and foot pegs are different. The Z50 exhausts are way different.