1972 Honda CL70


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Yo! I am new to the forum. I am looking for the "W" clip that goes inside the carburetor at the throttle cable. The throttle will not return back when I twist it and I took it apart after researching and seen that it is missing that clip and I have not been able to find a video of how the clip goes together exactly inside there. The schematic isn't very good at showing that. So if anyone knows where I can get that or a similar clip if you know the size and can give me a quick run of how it goes in there (Looks like horizontally but where as to the spring being there as well) I would appreciate the hell out it! Thanks for the help guys!


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That "w" clips simply keeps the needle down were it's supposed to be when the slide goes back down, has nothing to do with the throttle operation actually. That said, the "v" of the "W" straddles the long groove that the throttle cable rides in. The throttle cable goes thru the spring of course which presses down on top of the "W". Google or search ebay using "honda throttle needle retainer clip" or message me your mailing address and I'll send you one for postage.

Also - http://dratv.com/slneclandwsp.html

How smooth does your cable slide thru the housing?


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