SOLD 1972 Honda SL70 parts and XL70 parts


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trying to reach you about the wheels. Maybe some other parts. 41-zero 7=nine nine 3five-8-eight
Frame $150 (no title) includes; frame, foot pegs, kickstand, swing arm
Rear shocks $10
Battery Box $50
Rear rim with tire and sprocket $15
Rear brake drum $20 includes; brake arm and long stop arm
Rear axle bolt, nut and adjusters $20
Brake pedal with bolt and spring $10
Wiring harness includes coil and rear brake light switch $25
Key switch and helmet lock both match $75
Speedo with cable $75
Headlight bucket $50
horn button and horn $20
Right bar control with cable $50
Left and right lever bar perches with cables $15
grips left and right with throttle tube $10
Triple tree with top 3 bolts no plate $75
fork ears $20 includes reflectors and rubber grommet
Top triple tree plate, bar clamps and Speedo bracket $50
Turn signal indicator $10
Front fender $15
Front rim and tire $15
Front brake hub with Speedo gear $20
Front axle bolt $10

Jason Landry

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Honda XL70 front fender should fit an SL70 also, pretty banged up maybe salvageable for someone. $15 OBO.

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Rear shock, not even sure if these are off an XL70 or SL70. $10 OBO
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Rear fenders should fit both XL70 and SL70. The left (Yellow) is off and SL70 $10 OBO and the right (orange) is off an XL70 $15 OBO (due to extra bracket)

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rear brake hub not sure if this is for an XL70 or SL70, long arm is bent up and there is a chip/rough spot on the hub (right side of photo) $5 OBO

I know this is an old post but do you have any rear fender for a 1971 SL70 left?


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lukelaw1 says:

"all parts have been sold" - Nov 21, 2018
"All parts are sold" - May 12, 2020
"No I don't think I have any parts left" - Sept 25, 2020
"all items have sold" - Yesterday, June 17, 2022

Now, I'm not a smart man, by any means, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any more parts For Sale, but maybe that's just me...


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Honda SL70 gas tank with cap. Tanks appears to be in usable condition. The inside of the tank is rusty but should clean up. I cannot confirm if the tanks leaks or not. I don't see and spots where the tank is rusted through. The Petcock is a little beat up from someone putting pliers on the bowl. I can almost assure you, in my experience, that the Petcock will probably need rebuilt or it will leak from sitting without fuel in the tank. $125 OBO
Do you still have this SL70 gas tank? I would be interested if you do.