6V to 12V regulator/rectifier


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Is there a 6V to 12V regulator and/or rectifier available on the market to retain the 6V stator/flywheel but be able to use a 12V tail light bulb?


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Is this what your looking for? PhatMX sells them. Looks like there not processing orders until nov. 29 though.


Friday afternoon .

The link used is for the single contact bulb, I'll get on this and report back, O.K. ? .

I'm reasonably sure I got mine via Amazon, as mentioned there are many, MANY to choose from so DON'T BUY BY PRICE ! .

In the end you want to buy LED bulbs with as many LED's on each bulb as possible ~ each LED looks like a white square with a yellow dot .

Stand by, O.K. ? you're going to LOVE these, it makes your bikes so much safer .