73 ST90 no neutral light and no spark! Any suggestions?

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    Jan 13, 2019
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    Hi guys new to forum! I have a 73 ST90(got wk ago) I’m trying to restore for my dad(was his first bike) because he deserves it(has had pancreas and kidney transplant due to juvenile diabetes)... I have changed the coil(factory OEM)... filed the points...I am getting 6 volts at end of coil and everywhere else on bike you need power... but I can’t get any spark??!! Bike is in neutral but I have no light... changed the bulb(it was burnt out) and had voltage in the light plug... trying to figure out if the bike is not getting spark due to the fact that it is not does not know it is in neutral or if it’s not getting spark for another reason? I also changed the rectifier! Any info would be very much appreciated ... bike is rolling as we speak in N fine... I also took off crank case and found neutral switch looked good so I’m at a lose! That’s my dad in photo and my dog Logan 1534664508.8304-smiley.gif

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