82 z50r idle trouble

Discussion in 'General' started by Bad Dax, Mar 6, 2019.

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    Having trouble with my carb settings...when my 50cc idles it slowly dies away and i have to throttle up to keep it going...it will idle ok for about 25 seconds then slowwly fade away and stall...seems ok when i ride it ...has the honda keihin carb on it with #58 and 35 jet....can anyone shed some light on this issue....
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    Textbook symptoms of fatal lean-out. That's the easy part; the hard part is figuring out the cause(s). There could be more than one factor. I'd start by checking for a tiny vacuum leak, low fuel level inside the float bowl and cleaning the pilot jet. Next steps would be adjusting the pilot airbleed screw for a richer mixture and setting the curb idle screw to provide a little more throttle opening at idle. These are only intended to be starting points. Carb problems can be really tough to pin-down.

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