About to resurrect a K2

This is my first post here. I have played with these Z50's for long as I can remember. But figured it was about the time to put a box full of parts back together. I bought someone elses project over 25 years ago and now deciding it needs to get finished. At least one less project if I can accomplish this.

Originally I had planned to go all the way with a full restoration. But now realize that would have been a complete waste of time. Way too much work for a trailer queen. I still wanted to ride it around occasionally, not something I was fearing that first scratch.

Tonight I dug out the gas tank and front fender. After a quick wash and some scrubbing, I was happy with what was there. The decision to leave it in original condition and just fix the problems then put it back together was the right one.


The tank is slightly rusted inside, but not scaly. I dont think it will be too much trouble to use some diluted acid and tumble to get it nice and clean again. I am open to any suggestions as this goes together. Not holding to a firm schedule. But one piece at a time, like the Johnny Cash song. Then maybe this will get put back together.

If most of the other parts clean up like the tank, I wont be disappointed at all in the few flaws it will have showing. especially since it is all original. The fenders cleaned up with little blemishes. I dont mind having to sandblast the wheels and lay some fresh paint down. With the overall condition fairly clean and fresh wheels, the bike should turn out well.

I do need to inventory the box of parts. Hoping there is not too many pieces missing. At the time I only took a quick glance to see if most of the bike parts were there. Somewhere in the box I hope there is a container with nuts and bolts, but dont remember if there was or not. Where the big box is stored, I will have to remove the parts one at a time. Then find out if this is going to be a simple fix or long term with a BOLO for missing parts.
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That tank looks really great. It's a good indication that you have a nice bike there. K2 Z50 parts are usually pretty available in used condition. We can help you keep a eye out for stuff that you might need.

Welcome to lilhonda. I'm looking forward to seeing your project.


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If there is little, or no varnish inside of your tank, some Evaporust will have it looking great inside, with VERY little effort. I would just take strides to keep it off of the paint. I'm not sure, but I think it will mess up a painted surface.
Fill ¾ full, then wait a day or 2, then check progress.
A couple of questions for those in the know. What year when they changed out to the newer style piston? I am going to guess it was 1979, but want to make sure. Also recommended piston clearance if someone has a confirmed measurement. One more that might be worth knowing. Are all of the cylinders the same thru the years?


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I believe the last year for the short rod piston was 1981.

All of the cylinders are the same 63mm height from '69 through '99.
I am doing the easy stuff first. Hard to get back where the box of parts are stored, so taking the lightweight pieces out to start with.


It has been mostly overcast of all clouds, so not much in the way of suns rays. But a little bit of cleanup and looks decent enough for original. A few hours in direct sunlight this should go back into perfect shape. Right now it is very close to being right.

seat 2.jpg

One other nicety is the seat base is not all rusty. It appears not to have received the outdoor rain treatment.