Actor David Carradine Was Found Dead


I don't believe it

He also was the host of Wild West tech on the history channel. Cool show, I just find it hard to believe that David Carradine with all his
successes at 72 would do that? Maybe he got on the wrong side of
some bad guys who did him in and tried to make it
look like he did it. The guy had too much to live for. Sad any way
you slice it.


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No way to go for a 70s icon. I watched Kung Fu religiously growing up in the 70s. We all watched his hair grow longer and longer during the show just like ours did. What a waste and a shame.


Its very sad and confusing. It just doesnt make sense that a 72 year old would end his life that way. There could have been a number of events leading up to his death........but we may never really know.



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Not suicide

He didn't kill himself...wait until the reason he died is all over the news. If you want a hint...find out where his current filming is being done...


My mom was a chef before I was born, and apparently he came and drank at the bar she was working at. She says he got really hammered. He will be missed:(


that is sad. he had alot ot live for however maybe noone took the time to see if he was okay. that just pulls at your heart even the slightest. 70 years old.......:(:17::12::20: