aftermarket 70 z50 gas tanks


how are the reproduced tanks for these little 50s and is there a brand to not buy thanks


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I bought one on ebay from the guy in Tampa. Basically purchased just to put into my parts stash- have not got around to painting it yet. Things I notice right away- front mounts are welded to tank at a more vertical angle,original tank slides onto frame at a more horizontal angle. To me makes it real noticeable that it's a replacement tank when mounted. I plan to remove them and re-weld. I also notice that the sides seem to be wavy as well will need some reworking. Have not tried to mount side emblems so I don't know how that all lines up,if I get a chance I'll have to try those and see how the petcock mounts as well. Overall better than trying to repair an rusty pin holed dented up original like that beautiful job that guy on FB just did, but like many reproduced parts not a bolt on and go Honda original.


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I bought a couple from tampa. Not worth the time and effort. Super wavy.

If youre going to need to spend time on body work, may as well do it once and end up with a nice oem tank.