ALL-STAR-SALEz Cheap 110s


Keith , beware I read his feedbacks and most of the negatives were saying he accepts money then says ,"dont ship to USA" you better contact him before you plunk down any coin. Dean


I contacted him and he indicated he can only ship engines and parts to the US - no bikes. Probably an EPA rule or something. He has a lot of feedback that seems pretty good. His prices do too. Could be a good place to get an experimental engine.


giovanni pocket bikes are generally regarded as cheaply assembled, but reasonable for the price if you nut and bolt them after shipping. For ~$100 for the whole works with CDI equipment and carb that's a good deal


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be carefull I have ordered parts there they may be cheap but you get what you pay for a lot of wrong shipped miss machined parts when there wrong or bad no back up just to bad your told sold as is we have more would you like another and I have never heard of that happen so be carefull my cheap parts have cost me lots and never did work


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All Star Salz

I bought a new 125 Gio from All Star Salez before he was a Strickly Ebay store, the bike arrived with most of the plastic broken, he has never replyed to my emails or phone calls. its a great running Honda replica. well worth the $450 I paid with shipping, But aftersales service is NONE existant. hope it never breaks down and need parts.
like to buy a scooter now for wife, but not from Him.:monkey: