Another new Honda Mini Moto

This news is about a year old, but I just got wind of it. Honda will be building a DAX 125, officially an ST125. It looks just like a CT70, but with the Monkey / Grom running gear, ie. engine, disc brakes, 12 inch wheels, etc. I don't know how to post a link to it, but maybe someone out there can. With the high prices used CT70's are commanding, could be a popular alternative. That makes 7 Hondas in the mini market, no counting scooters.

Mini K1

Interesting... There's a bevy of information circulating on various sites about it and here's just a couple.


Robert thran

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That’s interesting…I wish they would have showed It from the left side..anyone know what the big ugly black box is between the motor and frame? Larger gas tank or some kind of air box?


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Click on the top link Robert- they all have that "box" even the monkeys that came out several years ago, I think it's something to do with the induction. Thought somewhere I saw someone who had a work around to get rid of it too.


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That’s the air box. You could replace it with an aftermarket intake but you give up a quiet motor for a quite loud induction noise. I found it too loud and went back to stock on my monkey