Another new Honda Mini Moto


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I hope it does come with the ST90 chrome style air box, the previous renderings with a big ugly black plastic box, sucks.


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Agree with OldCT. The black box is less attractive. A high fender and 5 speed would do it for me. I already have my local Honda dealer on the lookout for them for me


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I like it. Its about as close to the original as they could probably get and still use stuff from the parts bin to keep costs down.

I think the colors offered suck.

The side mount air intake doesnt bother me much. St50-M had that as well.

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Notice it said something about an IMU to prevent real wheel lift. Did they mean front wheel lift? Even the stock CT70 was wheelie prone if you sat back on the seat. On my 140, it's unavoidable on full throttle starts. So maybe for safety reasons, they're gonna limit off the line power in first gear.

Old Guy Too Many Bikes

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Another new Honda (sort of) is now available, my riding buddy neighbor bought one today. It's the new for '22 Honda Super Cub. The motor is still a 125 four speed semi automatic, but the engine is a little different. They say it has the 4 speed bottom end, but now has an oil filter like the Monkey and Grom, and the top end from the Grom/Monkey. And it comes in a matt gray, not girly looking like the '21. Got to ride it today and it is very smooth and quiet. Shifter is slick, handling is light, and feels very solid. Once it's broken in, we'll see if it can keep up with my Monkey.


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