Atc 70 question


Hello All,

Just picked up an ATC 70 today, as a package deal with a couple of trail 70 bikes. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about these little wonders. The VIN is ATC70- 10011640 maybe a 73 model??
Seems to be all there, but the engine is stuck. Some one has taken the carb off and started to work on it. Sitting arroung this way, may have been the cause of the motor sticking. THe fenders are in pretty good shape, for the years, seat has some small rips in it, needs 2 tires from sitting flat too long. I would say it will take a top end overhaul on the motor as well.
Worth fixing up or should I part it and sell the pieces on ebay?? I wouldn't mind fixing it up, for my girls, to ride. I just don't want to break the bank doing so, or have more in it than it is worth.
Any input would be helpful.


Looks to be a 1973 and some of the engine and misc. parts are extremely hard to find and expensive. The 1973 had a unique exhaust and finding another is next to impossible.

If you want to sell, I'm interested in purchasing if the price is reasonable and it's fairly complete. I have a 1985 ATC and am looking for another one so I can ride with the kids and like the look of the 1973-1974 models.

Drop me a note if you want to sell. I can't be too far from you and am in Overland Park, KS

If you decide to keep it, I can point you in the right direction on replacement parts. Depending on what the bike needs, it may be more expensive to build then the CT70's since the aftermarket is non-existant for the 1973-1974's other then fenders and tires. The stator covers and pull starters are hard to find if the one you have is broken.


i bought an very good original condition 1985 ATC 70 about a month ago. Having fun put putting around the backyard with my 2 yr old son.


Atc 70

These little toys are pretty cool. Mine is pretty far gone for most people to fool with, but it is all there. I have put it on the back burner for a while, until I decied what to do with it. It would part out on eaby for more than I have in it, but I hate to do that. I have a buddy who can fix just about anything on these old Honda bikes. I may see if he wants it, to play with. Maybe swap him for a good motor. I am fixing up a beater 3 speed ct 70 for my kids to learn to ride on.