Best place for CT70 K0 frame decals?

Discussion in 'Wanted/Looking For' started by Waveraider, Mar 11, 2015.

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    Looking to get frame decals for my CT70 clone and want the K0 Honda and "triangle" decals for the frame. Saw a few on ebag, but didn't know what might be the best bang for the buck. As far as the triangle decal, I saw some that said "aluminum like" and a few that said " aluminum".

    Has anyone had any experience with any of these vendors, or the best place to buy? Thanks.
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    Decals are world unto themselves, kinda like handlebars. There were slight variations right up through the last of the OERs. Some folks are really fixated on the minutiae, at least when it comes to concours restorations. FWIW, it's pretty well a moot point at this late's reproduction or nothing...Honda pulled the plug on decals. With what you're trying to do, there really is such a thing as good enough. I mean, you're going for a certain look on a non-stock/non-original bike, not forensic perfection right?

    That said, I've had good results using NEVC's tank decals over 15+ years now. The K0 repops are dimensionally on the money and reasonably priced.
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    DR ATV has the decals as well- never bought any tho...

    Like you said EBAY has them as well.

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