better division of forums


First, I just would like to say that I really enjoy this board and appreciate the webmaster who takes the time to manage and pay for the bandwith of this board.

I was hoping that maybe we coulld suggest more distinct forum headers. The addition of the clone forum was great!

I have a hard time sometimes determining where to put a post between the General, tech area, modifications, and projects. They could all mean the same thing. (You have a technical question on a modification you are performing to a current project you are working on...)

My suggestion would be to have seperate forums for seperate areas of the bike that you have questions on like:

Engine, transmision and clutch Forum
Fuel system and delivery Forum
Electrical System Forum
Frame, suspension and steering Forum
Aftermarket parts, modifications and upgrades Forum

also maybe a "off-topic" forum

It would also make it easier to do searches

Thanks for your consideration


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Not a bad idea, there seems to be a lot of confusion over where to post topics. Still, imo, the problem seems to snag mostly newbies and they catch on pretty quickly. It's worth considering the possibility that additional folders/headings may prove unwieldy. The only citicism I have with the current layout is that it's cumbersome going through the list of open threads in each folder. If that's an artifact of the forum's platform, then it's just something we'll have to live with. It would be a mistake to uproot things at this point as this forum grows and gains momentum in a nice, self-regulating, manner.


There isn't enough members yet to divide up the forums into a bunch of technical catagories. I just read the new posts of the day, which are usually less then 10-15 per day.

However, if someone is going to create a bunch of different forums, create one specific to the 1991-1994 CT70 which never gets any love anywhere, however, had the best electrical and motor out of any CT70 ever made, even though they are horribly ugly in stock form.


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It sounds like a great idea, and im sorry i havent been around much on the board lately, im down to the last month of classes and things are getting crazy..

I like the idea for the seperate forums, but i also agree with pony being there are not being enough posts a day. But i think we can still change the board and forum content around as this webboard and material grow.
Beginning this weekend, i will try to start organizing a little better, and we'll see how it goes from there. Thanks again for all the great feedback! Keep it coming!

Regards and Happy Riding,