Billy mayes


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This has got to go down as one of the strangest weeks ever. Celebrity after celebrity have died all in one week. Death was working overtime.
God be with them and all of their families.


:103:Death is trying to overcome the bad economy by working overtime:39:

...... ...I think I'm on to something, the weather just turned from sunny to thunderstorm in a matter on minutes............


New theory, stay away from hillrom.......I think it is very clear that death was not responsible for billy mays passing. It was VINCE of SHAM WOW. He killed him and used the sham wow to clean up the blood:45: The murder weapon was none other than vince's new pitch the "slap chop".

In conclussion stock from hillrom will increase however it is clear that stock in "the slap chop" is a better use of your monies. <-- use mexican accent.

Just another conspearacy that wont hold water. :21:


Supposedly..., they are saying the cause of Billy's death was a concussion or some other crap like that. He was on a flight, not exactly sure where, and when the landed, they landed rough and all the luggage came flying down from the storage on the top. He was hit on the head with a shitload of luggage and got a concussion. That is what i heard on the news. His family is probably going to sue the airlines for millions due to him now being unable to make millions advertising and from his recent show, "Pitchmen" on discovery channel.