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Discussion in 'Projects/Builds' started by 13andFreedom, Sep 29, 2018.

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    Nov 26, 2015
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    Well, December 2015 was when I announced here that I was going to rebuild what was basically a frame, fork, rear swing arm and shocks, and two fenders.

    Ha, only near 3 years later, I'm near done.

    Some used hubs and brake pedals restored. New electrical and ignition. Well pretty much everything was needed, and some stuff to restore. No need to list it all. I'm going for a resto-mod, but keep it stock like. My last purchase needed is a pirahna 140cc engine. I was able to find a performance muffler that's good to 180cc from CHP, but looks stock. The bike is coming along rather nicely so far.

    Question: can I use the stock throttle with a pirahna engine? Also, how important to upgrade from the 22m carb?
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    May 19, 2018
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    You should def upgrade your carb. If going to a 140cc.
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    22mm should be about right for that engine. The stock, internal, twist grip throttle assembly can accommodate 22mm travel...possibly a little more. I've been running the OEM assembly, with a real VM22 carburetor and for longer than this board has existed. The biggest issue you'll deal with is positive return when you let go of the grip. Definitely needs more spring and everything must move freely. FYI, beware of late-vintage OER throttle pipes. I've seen a few of them that were downright dangerous, due to misplacement of the internal helix. IDK how many of those made it to the vendors. These are easy enough to identify...twist the throttle to the WOT limit. If the slide goes right past...and launches off of...the helix it's a suicide throttle, called that because it'd leave the engine stuck at WOT. The older throttle pipes did not have this issue and work much more smoothly, to boot. The rest of the OER assembly parts are fine, no reason not to purchase them new.
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    Your bike is shaping up VERY nicely. Thanks for the update.

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