C70 slight restomod (HD PHOTOS)


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I Picked this bike up from a junkyard at the end of October 2023. I took everything off the bike. Decided to do a full color change and trim the rear fender. Ended up Building a complete 12 volt wiring harness. It has a 125cc manual from Amazon. I fabricated the handlebar mounting plate, the kick stand, the whole exhaust system and I built the whole seat from scratch.
If you want close ups of anything just let me know. I also have a bunch of pictures from when it was stock for reference pictures.


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Looks like you did a great job, bringing a classic back from the dead. Personally I would have included the fender and tossed the milk bucket.
I had full intentions of including the fender but the paint ended up cracking when I went to install it so I said the heck with it. The milk crate has every tool needed to fully disassemble the bike just in case something comes loose on these test drives.

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After I rebuild a bike, I start out with short test rides (in case I have to push it home) . Then gradually go further and further as my confidence builds. The first couple of longer rides, I usually take with a buddy, or have my wife home, so she can come get me in the van if I break down. No one likes tearing a bike apart on the side of the road. Murphy's law says that the one tool or part you need will be sitting on your workbench at home.


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I don't think I could bring myself to driving in the the rain or dirt. I only have 50 hours in building it but I can't believe how good it looks for such little time.