Carb Jet Size for 110cc


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Sanity question for my new-to me 1971 CT70. It appears the engine has been (somewhat disappointingly) replaced with a 152FMH 110cc. Carb jet sizes are idle 32 and main 78. Seem kind of small? Anyone know if those sizes are correct? I want to make sure I'm not running too lean.


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Seems to run fine, but the engine does feel pretty hot. But I've never owned an air cooled bike before, so maybe it's normal?


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So no bogging in any gear? You said you bought this bike from, correct? Did they not tell you that you were getting a bigger motor? Any warranty? Unless you were hoping for an original stock bike, a bigger motor isn’t a bad thing with you and your 10yo riding together. On a side note, there were no white CT70’s sold in the USA.
I assume you live in the San Jose area? It should still be fairly cool there, difficult for an even a lean motor to build up excessive heat unless you’re riding around at continuous WOT. That looks like stock exhaust and a close to stock carb, with a stock airbox, but I have an untrained eye. My opinion is you’re not tapping that motor’s full potential, yet.
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No bogging of the engine. I'm in California. I bought the bike from a lady who said she had it redone by (paint + engine). She wasn't very knowledgable about what had been done.

I'm not worried about tapping potential, I'm more worried about engine reliability down the road.


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Never heard of a FUHUA carb, LOL! I would buy a oil temp dipstick. They are a little pricey for a budget China lump but Dratv has one for 50 bucks, and is a good way to know if the bike is running hot or not in real time. Makes it easy to pull over and let the bike cool down if needed.