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    Anyone in the north east ri mass who knows carbs I’m no mechanic I have 04 jinching panda trail rider 70 23 original miles yes 23 original miles it came with a henhin carb witch I switch the old carb ran much better not sure why maybe the jets it seems to be running rich any suggestions would be appreciate if you’re close by I would make it worth your time. Thx Anthony.
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    I am in the north east Tony, just not that far north. Try removing the slide needle and see if the needle has adjustment notches. I would start by raising the clip height ''all the way'' to the top effectively lowering the needle in the seat giving the bike less fuel. See how it reacts and if it runs worse lower the clip one notch at a time until it runs good.

    Keep in mind you will have to tweak the air/fuel screw after each clip adjustment. Start out by ''lightly'' seating the air/fuel screw clockwise till it seats. Then turn A/F screw out 1 1/2 turns. Important, fully warm up the bike and lower the idle down. then turn it 'slowly'' in which ever direction you hear the hear the highest smoothest idle then turn it in 1/8 to 1/4 turn clockwise. Then adjust the idle to normal speed. Monitor the plug color/ exhaust smell and possible black smoke ''too rich'' after running it after each clip adjust.
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