CB125 - "candy topaz orange" paint match


Hey All,
I finally got around to painting some side covers for my cb125. I have been searching for orange ones for a couple years to no avail. The ones I did find were faded and really expensive. So I ordered a cheap red pair on ebay and decided to try the duplicolor metalcast for a paint match. I'm not sure how faded my tank is from original color but here is a good side by side of the newly painted side cover and the original tank. It's close enough for me and looks better than nothing which is what I've had for the past few years. Just thought I would share in case anyone is looking for a cheap paint match for their orange HK0.

I removed the emblems, scuffed the paint with some fine sandpaper and layed down 3 light layers of the base coat and then 3 light layers of the anodized orange color.

I'm going to try the anodized yellow soon for my HK1. I've seen some pics on here and I think it will be even closer than this orange.


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Thanks, - base coat is "MC100 Ground Coat" and color is "MC205 Orange Anodized" according to the upc labels on each respective can
Nice work, looks great. I've got a couple orange CB125s, and only one orange right-side cover in total between the two :) Black makes a pretty good side cover substitute but I'd like to find a faded orange that matches the rest of the faded lot.

I'd def paint a new set of covers and matching tank with that color though, really nice and a good match.