Chinese LED Headlight


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Hi folks, my first post in this forum - very happy to say I bought my first C70 and I love it !
It's a 12v '82 model and I wanted to upgrade the headlight, so I went for a Chinese LED equivalent (which I think will work (once I make up some kind of headlight surround bracket for it).
Naturally the wiring is different so I need some help to work out what to you most likely already know, the original light comes with 3 wires, a white, blue & green wire......and the new one has 4 wires, a white, yellow and a black & red wires

I have tried to get some clarity on what the wires for the new light are designed for but have not had any luck......but historically, the red & black wires are usually power & ground but I don't really know...........has anyone done anything like this before ?


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You should post up the ad where you bought it to get better help. I have seen aftermarket led products that the white wire is actually ground. Green is ground for the stock wire. The seller is no help?


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Thx OLD CT, good idea, the light I bought is this one. I have reached out to the seller but so far have not had a reply.......
Looking at the image posted for a light that looks like yours, it seems that black is the ground and red is one of the bulbs (it seems that this is the way it has been connected in this photo), with the yellow and the white being two other bulbs in the headlight assembly (that were not connected in this photo), as the ad I saw indicates that the assembly has 3 lights (I assume: low, high and the ring around). My guess is that the black will be ground for all 3 bulbs.

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