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I just bought a completely restored "as advertised" 1970 CT 70 however; the column plate says Manufacturer date of 12/69 but Vin # is 130641. My question is, is this a 1969 or a 1970?


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When Honda first started producing the CT70 they made them by generation/version, not model year. Yours is a K0. K0’s ran from 1969 to 1971. K1, K2, etc followed until the mid 1970’s when they started making them by model year.


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I agree with those 2 ^^
It's a K0. Built in 1969. That is exactly what I would say if it were mine. The title says 1970. That's no problem at all. The title is awesome to have. But no matter what date the previous owner...or the clerk at the DMV put on that title...the bike is a CT70 K0...built in December of 1969.


If it's anything like car and truck manufacturers, they start building the next year model around September of the previous year, so if it was built in December 1969, I would expect it to be called a 1970 model year by the manufacturer. I ordered a 2022 model year truck from the factory in June 2021, and it was built in October 2021 and I took delivery in November 2021 of my 2022 model year truck. If your Honda was built in December 1969 it probably didn't even arrive in this country until 1970, so I don't know why they would call it a 1969 and sell it as a year-old model. So... I would call it a 1970, especially since the K0s are the same between those years anyway.

I just bought a "1970" CT 90 that says 1970 on the title but is really a 1969 K1, not a 1970 K2. When ordering parts, you need to know the "K" number. That's what is important, not the year that is on the title or the manufacturing year that is on the bike.


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Modern auto production doesn’t share many similarities to 50 year old hand built Honda motorcycles. His bike is a ‘69 K0. This horse is dead.

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How about we just call it a “born on date“? You or anything else is as old as the time its been on earth..I don’t care when it was first sold..if someone found a brand new one in a crate today no one would call it a 2024….they would go by the build date…just my opinion….

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Model years should never be attached to a CT70, prior to the 1976 model. Honda never designated the K0 thru K4’s with a model year. For titling purposes, most dealers assigned the year it was sold, as the model year.