CT70 Passenger Backrest


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Does anyone have experience with a passenger backrest that fits on the CT70? I'd love to do the occasional school pickup with my 10 year old, and a backrest would make him a lot more comfortable.


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I think I might have one around here that is made to clamp onto the TripleA style luggage rack. Pretty small and simplistic. I don't know if any others that a made specifically for CT70s tho.


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I hadn't really planned to sell this thing. But I really don't have a need for it...you do.
It's a little rough, but I've never seen another like it. And I think you can make it work. You can see it has some rubber in the mounts. I'm sure the rubber would help. I have a scrap inner tube...I could include a couple pieces. I'll pm with a price (it'll be about 50 bucks...+shipping ;))



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I have plans to veg out a bit for the next 4 days. But hang with me and I'll get it together and send you some info...maybe Tuesday.