CT70 Thumper Exhaust


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Are your Thumper Exhaust marked as USFS approved? Is the pipe pre-muffler larger than OEM?


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I know they are bigger as I had that same question... They have a blurb on the website now about how they make them. I know this is old... Did you buy the thumper exhaust? They said it would work on my piranha engine to ct70.


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Sorry for neglecting this, we are redesigning the thumper for spring 2018. It will now be made from the start with no internal baffling but will have a change out end that will look like the OEM Honda style. We hope to have 3 options for the bolt in end baffle, we are looking into making one of the options a approved spark arrester for trail riding. The only problem would be the testing and listing cost with the USFS in CA, it’s not a cheap certification to do for what we think might be a low selling option.