CT70 with Lifan 125...Which Battery?

Discussion in 'Lifan' started by illuminance, Jun 11, 2020.

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    Hello Forum

    I have a CT70/Lifan project I am trying to finish up. Would like to ride while the nice weather is here. Motor is brand new, and is NOT electric start. I have a new 12V wiring harness. It seems the 12V5AH battery will fit in the stock battery carrier. I cut off the side facing the taillight. Is that the battery most of you use? I read on this forum about the Yuasa YB4L-B. That appears to be a longer battery, and that area under the seat is space-starved as it is with electrical components. Is either battery more powerful? My bike will be ridden 100% on the street so I will need the horn and all lights to be operable. Thankful I found this great website of yours.

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