Deal of the day, better act fast.


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Goodness gracious.
Lord have mercy...
Boy howdy!

Good goin CLEC66. You're kickin' ass!
No worries...not yet. There are other members here who can double, triple, maybe even quadruple your addiction.
Rock on sir!


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He almost needs a team of employees and a curator with assistants and a phone line dedicated to help raise money and organize stuff . Then an HR person for hiring due to everyone booking off due to covid .


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I should change my name to Alice.



Well there's zero room for more bikes at our house!! I have 8 in the house now. Even took 13 bikes to two of my friends shops to store for me. It's like a non stop search for parts and my daily therapy to unwind!! I'm not much of a show and tell guy but I may have to post some pics to share with the group, Lord knows we all like pics!


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Thanks for the heads up. I'm not an ATV guy at all, but I'd take thst 86 TRX250R in an instant. Gotta appreciate what Honda accomplished with that machine. A pure racing legend! I wonder if it will be live streamed online Tuesday.


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Seller lists it as a 1970. A bit crusty, but if it is genuine, they are hard to find.



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That is a K0 exhaust, you can tell by the 4 bungs for the guard. K1 and up has three. I see brand new ''still available'', O.E.M. K0 muffs for sale for 175 plus shipping. Soon enough K0 exhausts will be on the hit list. Not a bargain for that yet Bob.


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Another big collection of bikes and parts. Found the guys ad on craigslist too, $7500 is his price. Not sure if the ebay auction has a reserve, I didn't see where is was stated as having a reserve.

I'm certain this engine in his collection has a "intermittent spark engagement" condition. 🤣


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Kirrbby, I am in Salina so this is close to me. Do you think its worth that? looks like a lot of missing parts. Was thinking of offering a little less, what do you think? Its also listed locally on a classified web page.


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I think it's worth 500. But I would definitely offer less. 350 or 400.
Seller has already sent a offer of 450 to the folks who are watching that listing.
It' definitely looks rough tho. Missing a tank, and rear wheel complete. Seat pan and HL bucket are there.
I'd be after it tho if I were close.