Easy to build back rest


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I want to start bringing my younger siblings for rides so I went ahead and build a back rest. I also made a 5" seat extention.
Its made from 1 inch square tube and some 1/8" steel. Seat is plywood, foam and marine vinyl


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That should work, but be advised that when I used to take my young son or my young nephew (many decades ago) for rides, they had a habit of falling asleep back there. I used to have to make a strap type harness that held them to me, and often I'd still see them dozing off in my mirrors.


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Pretty cool heftynoma. You're pretty handy with that welding machine...and that's a great skill to have in your repertoire.


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Thank you. Its the one thing I enjoy most about working on these bikes. I much rather get the grinder and welder out then turn wrenches.
Top speed with just me is 60mph on flat ground. With both of us on i can get to 53. It comfortably cruises at 45 with both us on the bike.
people look real surprised when I say I go 60mph on this bike 😂