Engine cover for Horizontal Honda Clone

Discussion in 'Tech Area' started by preventec47, Apr 26, 2019.

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    Engine cover for Horizontal Honda Clone
    I have a QIYE 124cc motor that swapped for a 50cc in a Honda Z50R bike and I dont like the name
    QIYE showing as the rest of the bike is in mint condition after total refurb. There are HONDA OEM
    engine covers available with a nice large HONDA LOGO that would look fine. Will they fit my
    Chinese clone motor? My motor bolted right in as a replacement like it was designed for the bike
    so I think that many things would be the same size and shape.
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    Not all flywheel covers fit every Honda engine in every model/year of the same bike. At a minimum, there's 12v vs 6v alternators. Going to a Chinese engine adds one more level and one with an unknown moniker ups the ante further.

    Best bet is to ask the vendor from whom you sourced the engine. Otherwise, it'll be a choice between trial & error (sourcing Honda cover(s))...or filling, sanding and painting your cover, living w/o the HONDA lettering.

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