SOLD FS: Custom built CT70


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I listed this for sale once before and didn’t sell it. I have been backing out of this hobby for a while and it’s time to let it go.
This is a 1993 ct70 frame that has been built to look like an early 70’s CT. It. The electrical system is 12 volt full wave DC, It is all LED and the lights are very bright. It has a digital speedometer that displays speed in MPH but the odometer displays in Km. There is a tach and voltage display as well. The rear shocks are Honda from a 2020 Monkey and they are very comfortable. The motor is a Honda base. It is a 124 build with a TB race head and cam. It has a AHP 4speed transmission 1dn3up. and a Kitaco HD clutch. The motor runs very well with high compression and no leaks. The exhaust is a Takegawa D style. Carb is a Mikuni VM20. And has an oil cooler and dipstick thermometer. I frequently dId 50/75 mile rides solo it’s very dependable. I’ve only put maybe 125 miles on it in the last 9 months. There is a spare gas tank on the back and the bike has a range close to 100 miles. The paint and build is a few years old so there are some blemishes here and there but for a daily rider it is very presentable. It is street legal and insured and registered. I do have a clear SC title in my name and I am still riding it occasionally. im Listing it here 1 week before I list on FB marketplace and pricing it as if it was a dog that needs work to get it running It isn’t and is ready to run. $2300 cash firm. That’s what I’m going to list for on FB as well. PM questions if your interested.


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