Getting a CT110 Carb on an ST90


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@Shamrockwill, you should consider carbon fiber. Maybe a simply designed hose that doesn’t have to look good, I.E. flexible vacuum hose, then create a cover out of carbon fiber. This video on how to make a mold may spark your idea:


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I have found the original set up for my '73 ST90. I can let you have this for free + postage if you want?


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I emailed DRATV about that boot and they said it might fit a CT110 carb but they weren't sure and it might be too small. Since I purchased the CT110 carb I have from them I'm going to ask if they will test the fit for me. Otherwise I figure I can send the custom boot maker my original ST90 boot and ask them to make one with the correct diameter to fit the CT110 carb.
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Well ;

Have you measured the intake you're looking for a boot for ? .

He says 35MM in the description so if it's not much more than that you should be golden .