good cylinder and piston


Looking for the best 88cc cylinder and piston to replace 72cc on 1971 Honda CT70

Robert thran

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I’ve had good luck with the T-bolt setup but they may all come from the same sweat shop in China? just make sure you order parts for the early style motors.. you don’t know how many people start threads here because they order and install all the wrong parts that eBay says will fit..your piston should have a dome and come all the way to the top of the cylinder at top dead center…the late motors have a different length rod and a different shaped head combustion chamber and the parts don’t interchange well…


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The kit Robert is referring to is found right HERE, it is for use with the stock head.

Just an FYI, TB Parts are manufactured in Taiwan, and they know the meaning of the words Quality Control. Vince at Tbolt USA is an Authorized Dealer/Distributor for TB Parts and stands behind all of their parts.