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Discussion in 'General' started by ohcrap it's johnny, Oct 29, 2015.

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  3. 2-Stroke Freak

    Aug 1, 2015
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    All it "needs" is fold down monkey bars!
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  4. ctrider

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    Love it!!
    Nice tank with the badge and tank rubbers.
    A bit of a vintage look to it.
  5. kirrbby

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    May 28, 2009
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    Wow! I've seen pics of these but dint know they were 50's. I'm excited now. I'm assuming they are a little smaller than the I think they would be very wise to sell these in the states. Even if they wouldn't sell in high numbers they would earn Honda a LOT of marketshare, and turn youngsters/teens into Honda fans. Nothing but good.
  6. Adam-NLV

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    May 3, 2009
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    BravO, It's going to be shown at Tokyo's auto shown in 2015. I think the MSX 125 Grom is $3,500, hopefully the price of the 50cc will come down.

    Honda’s Grom, a 7/8ths-scale 125-cc motorcycle that retails for $3349
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    Damn, that's not a bad-looking little bike, mono-shocked and all with disc brakes to boot, LOL. I'm guessin' those are 10" or 12" wheels, which will make things easier for riders in general, regardless of age. Moi, I like my little FrankenBike with its 8" wheels... sleazy porn industry aside, the 8-inchers are definitely more challenging, LOL, and they add a certain cachet to the rider's portfolio, so to speak. :13: "HUH?!?!?" :13: Put another way: if you can ride a bike with 8" wheels like a Crusty Demon O' Dirt, you can EASILY ride ANY bike with 10" or 12" wheels. :30: :30: :30: Alright, NOW to my lasagna, LOL. ADIOS, YOUSE MONKEYBIKING HEROES!!! WAHOOOO!!!!!

    :red70: :yellow70: :red70: :yellow70: :red70:
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    Nice-looking machine, in a classic way. Can't really knock the Grom (125cc flavor) aesthetically, either; clearly, it's aimed toward a younger/more contemporary-thinking demographic. This old dawg is old skool...not crazy about the plastic look. Come to think of it, I'd like to see that lame moniker go bye-bye, altogether; it's too damned "metrosexual" IMNSHO. What was wrong with "MSX 125", as the "other Grom" is known everywhere else? That tells everyone exactly what you're riding, while "Grom" elicits the ever-popular WTF?

    I don't see a kickstarter on that (ostensibly) 49cc motor. Going by history, the bigger 125 will probably bolt-in...which opens-up some very interesting possibilities. Add 60mph, bone-stock, factory-EFId power, suspension upgrading and road tires, to go with the folding K1-style bars and you'd have a 2016 Z50/CT70/MSX125 hybrid, with the best of all possible worlds, except for passenger capacity. This machine looks small enough to fit into just about any space that would accommodate a CT70, eliminating the Grom 125s biggest single disadvantage.

    The one thing that won't happen for a very long time, if ever, is a price drop. There's a pattern. New machines are introduced at a low MSRP...and even lower production numbers, with the attendant price-gouging. The MSX 125/Grom was $2199 when introduced to the Thailand market, $2999 by the time it reached North America. Before the end of the first model year, some dealerships had suckers paying close to $5K. By the time the dealerships started getting real inventory, MSRP had been bumped 20%. Introduce an interesting new model, hype the hell out of it, create a "shortage" then jack-up the price...shitty business practice. But then, it's to be expected in the current age of the corporate market-state, where shareholder equity and exec bonuses are beyond holy.

    If you can get an MSX 125/Grom, out-the-door, for less than $4000, you've bagged a bargain. In most states/locales, $4200-4500 is more typical, once taxes, dealer prep, "destination" and a small host of other bullshit "fees" (junk charges) have been tacked-on.

    Don't get me wrong, EPA/DOT compliance and global shipping add real costs. And it'd be great to see this model in the US of A. It'd be even better if they played it straight, instead of fast & loose. There is one great equalizer, time. Wait a couple of years and these bikes will become available as late-model/low-milers, for about half price. Then...let the games begin...
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