Groms & Monkeys Everywhere!! The Great Smoky Mountains!!


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My wife and I have been here for nearly a week and I've never seen so many Monkey and Grom bikes in one place. They displace your typical Harley Davidson rides easily five to one and just generally, there's a lot of these small Honda bikes around here. And people are having an absolute blast on them, roving in gangs of rental bikes up and down the hills and around town. Even two up for riders, they do quite well. I have no idea what their rental rates are but they are having a lot of fun.

On a slightly different note - the State of Tennessee and the local Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg authorities allow ATV side by side four wheelers free run on public roads - though they do all have the small motorcycle plates affixed to the back. But nobody is wearing a helmet. I have no problem with it but I never thought I'd see this happen anywhere, ever.



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In our town here in VT you can freely ride ATVs on any dirt roads (which are most of them) and a few paved roads. But it's pretty rural. Some small cities in New England like Berlin, NH allow ATVs on most any roads in town.

There used to be a big ruckus gathering in the Smokies, the tail of the dragon. Miles and miles of rucks and other small displacement bikes. I think its was this weekend in june but a different name now.

Love that area.