EXPIRED have z50 k0/k1 tank, will trade for other 50 and 70 parts


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i have an original 1st gen z50 gas tank in good condition with the round emblems on both sides. it came on my k4 and somebody tried to pass off the z50 to my grandpa as the 1st gen.

i don't need this tank and would rather have the right tank and graphics for the year.

parts i need:

1973 z50:
-k4 gas tank
-k4 carburetor

1970/71? CT70 (k2 i think)
-gas tank (rats ate mine before i got it)
-coil assembly

let me know what you got and i can also add photos later... or email them to you if need be.

portland, oregon


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I have a K4 tank, hardly any rust inside. but it does have some large dents from handle bars in the front.

I'm in Australia so post may be expensive but i'm happy to trade for a K1 tank.

ive probably got a k4 carby as well.