Help identify 2003 clone ct70 ..advice


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Hi guys I ended up with this in a trade the badge on the front states the vehicle number .. Engine number and the year of 2003… Don't see any brand name? Engine has 72 CM stamped on it… It has a clutch and four speeds .. it's missing. A few things like a gas tank and seat..but seems mostly all there and in pretty good shape especially the motor..odometer shows just over 500 miles.. I have a 81 ct70 and it seems mostly every part is interchangeable .. so my questions are: any idea who makes it .:eek:r more info about it? What do you thinks it's worth (ball park ) as it sits..I'm contemplating keeping it for a parts bike for mine / fixing it and keep/ride it ..or sell it as is...any info would be great ..thanks guys


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I have something similar, my speedometer shows Jincheng, so thats what I always believed / say it is.

Mine also has that steering lock like yours, I still haven't figured out how it works though.
Hi I’ll bet it’s a jenching like mine I have an 03 with 26 original miles it’s absolutely brand new I’m going to go to my local registry to try to register it in ri. You don’t need a title after 15 years. I’m hoping for the best.