Help posting pictures from my computer.


I've read quit a few threads on posting pictures, but from a phone it seems.
l'd like to post from my computer.
Help please.


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I am old and certainly not a computer guy ,but have no trouble inserting pictures on this site .When you are posting a reply or making a new thread ,it is done in a little box ,and if you look at the line just above the box there is a line with a bunch of pictures and symbols on it .The third symbol from the right ,looks like a picture in a frame ,click on it which will bring you to another screen which will allow you to pick which pictures you want to use .I am certainly missing a few steps ,but I figured it out without much fuss ,pretty sure you can too .If all else fails ,there is probably a kid around somewhere that can help you .


OK I may have achieved this task. Good lord, I was making far harder than it was to attach the pic. TEST pic attached.
I thought I had to upload from say photo bucket. Glad that's not the case here.
That was a good laugh and very true. Find a kid to help.
Thanks so much guys. This really helps now.


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You can hotlink from a hosting site, which includes photobucket and you'll be able to post larger images. Just keep the native size/resolution within reason or folks will spend a lot of time waiting for the images to load, then have to scroll through them.