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Hi, all--

Racerx, a member, and, I think, the owner of Lil site, was building me a restomoded CT70, but I have not heard from him in over two years. His business email, which I used to use to communicate with him, is now invalid also. He has several thousand dollars of my money and parts that I had paid in advance for, including a pair of Ohlins rear shocks, a frame, tires and wheels, etc. Since we have been working on this project since 2017, I'm wondering where he went! Any news? I heard from Kirrby, another member of this forum about a year ago, and he replied that Racerx simply disappeared from his own forum, and nobody has been able to contact him since. Any updates?


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Bob is not the site owner. He is one of a few moderators. If you have so much money invested/involved, It's up to you to go to the address where you sent the stuff and get it back. I don't have any good news to tell you. Bob may not be in good health, I fear. I would also bring proof of ownership of the bike with you/parts receipts if you have them. 2017 was a LONG TIME ago. It takes roughly three months to build a house from scratch to finished, move in ready status. Why the hell would you leave a project with someone for 6 YEARS!


Schmidtke09 - I joined Lilhonda at about the time when RacerX was tapering off. He is missed...
His in-depth knowledge/engineering, terse answers, and race history made for stuff of legends.

Hopefully you have some other way of contacting him, like the shipping address where you sent your parts. Sounds like that is the best path forward. There may be some other members of Lilhonda that have a personal relationship with him, and have some updates to share.

IMHO - I have waited MUCH longer than 6 YEARS for the results from an artisan/wizard, and it's been well worth the wait. People like RacerX are a very rare breed, and the cream of the crop. Let's hope he's OK. Good Luck, and keep us posted!


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Bob (racerx) changed his username to @69ST on Jan 21, 2022. During this time he also removed his contact information. He last logged on to lilHonda nearly a year ago (March 4th 2022). Unfortunately, I do not have any updates to share.


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This makes me really sad. Over 15000 posts and then poof, gone? Did Bob become a less frequent commenter during 2021? I‘ve gone long periods without visiting this site, but I was still reachable - I received and replied to PM’s from various members checking on me (thank you!) during those times. Is Bob totally MIA? Does anyone know his last name and hometown?

More than anything I want to tell him this place needs him. But if he’s retired from it or encountered a variety of personal challenges that keep him away, I’d at least to say thank you and express gratitude for how much value he provided. I’d rather not believe he wants to be left alone or has advanced to the next stage of life…


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Bob hasn't visited the site in over two years (around the same time I last heard from him via email).
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