Honda ct 90 Neutral light issues


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I am working on a Honda ct 90 1972 I bought it a year ago and it ran kinda okay, it was really hard to kickstart after it got warmed up and a pretty ruff idle the was adjusted and ran better but after about a month I was riding it and it completely died all the lights and neutral light everything just went dead and stopped running. Since then I have got the tank cleaned and sealed New fuel lines and filters, had the original carborator cleaned and reinstalled that, adjusted the Valve clearances fresh oil new battery new throttle cable but still a work in progress and I went to start it up for the first time with kickstarter. The break and head light came on but not the neutral light or any other light in the speedometer. I was able to get it started for a short time it took a lot of kicking. So I adjusted the clutch and put it into different gears while it was off and it would still roll even out of neutral🤦🏼‍♀️Oh and I put in a new spark pug….. but does anyone have any thoughts as to what could be going on


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Check to be sure bulb is good and that battery is strong.
be sure to have ground wire clean and battery terminals clean , check where it plugs into the wiring harness be sure it's clean and female socket is clean I would sand all surfaces that connect together clean off residue from sandpaper dielectric grease the terminals be sure the wiring harnesses sockets are clean and tight assemble connections install battery, the neutral light comes on when it is grounded . This happens when shifted to neutral ,the shifter cam turns when you move the shifter it has a spot for completing ground, that spot will ground the what looks like a light green wire with a red strip causing the neutral light to come on. If ignition switch is on and it has positive battery voltage. A bad ground from the battery will cause weak ignition just like a bad connection on the positive side You can access this light green wire with red stripe in speedometer housing where the neutral light bulb is check for continuity between this wire and the engine,should have it when shifted to neutral. Hope this helps.