Honda Wave on Craigslist


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The model you're referring to is the Wave 100, a de-stroked version of the 110 Nice. This is the later-gen, can't tell if it's 110 or 125 flavor.

You're unlikely to ever see a Wave 100 outside SE Asia. The new model debuted in 2005. The "old" 100 motor will bolt-into Z50-pattern motor mounts, same as a 110 Nice and it's a smooth, bulletproof, piece, just less powerful. There wasn't much of a price difference (from the 110 Nice) and nearly all of them had rotary shift patterns. The rotary shifting could be changed by swapping-in a Nice shift star. However, the cases won't accept the longer-stroke Nice crank. Swapping the cases, crank, shift drum & star and oil pump cost more than just sourcing a 110 Nice instead. 3 guesses as to how popular this waso_O

The newer Innova series motors have virtually nothing in common with the Nice110/Wave 100s. I've seen a couple that were fitted to Z50 frames...MAJOR surgery. The factory motor mounts had to be removed, completely. I've never seen one fitted to a CT or Dax.


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Thanks Bob, Can't tell you how much I appreciate the knowledge you share.

They are calling this a "2013 Honda Wave 110RS"


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There was a Nice 125, as well. These are the latest 21st century iterations of the lineage that includes the CT90/110 & Wave100/Nice110. From what I've been told, they are excellent bikes...essentially the CT110 with 65mph power, better suspension, upgraded tranny & electrics, hydraulic disc brakes and EFI. Kinda heartbreaking that the engine doesn't come close to fitting a CT70 frame.
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