how do you post pics


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I have been trying to get pics on my for sale thread,I upload them it says there are 3 in que how do you get them in the thread,can you copy and paste pics into a thread.
thanks kenny


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Try this..

Kenny, there are actually three ways you can do this. You can insert a hyper link that links to your picture (if you have uploaded it somewhere else on the web), or you can add the picture right into the message with the little picture icon, which also requires a hyper link. OR lastly, you can upload an image from your computer. And this might be where your running into problems, make sure you size it down, if it is too big the server won't accept it.. Let me know if that helps, if not I can further assist you through the process, or possibly change the image size regulations.

Hope this helps!
Tiedgen :red70: